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Femestril Review

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Femestril – Overview

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One field of herbal sexual enhancement that unfortunately is under-served is the area of natural female enhancers for women.

With over 40% of women suffering from low female libido at some point in their lives, it’s quite surprising that the industry hasn’t paid more attention to this huge market.

Fortunately there are a handful of products specifically formulated for treating female sex drive, and one of the best ones is a product called Femestril.

Manufactured by a company called Pro Edge Labs with offices in the US and Canada, Femestril is generally considered to be among one of the best treatments for women suffering from low female sex drive.

Femestril is a potent combination of effective, natural ingredients which have been specially picked for their proven effect on improving female libido, and offers other health benefits as well. The award winning Femestril formula includes clinically proven herbs like Damiana and Saw Palmetto, plus 11 other safe and effective ingredients.

Femestril is available to purchase online through the official product website www.femestril.com, or through Amazon.com and E-Bay. Order options include ordering online by credit card – or by fax, mail, or PayPal.

Single box price is $49.95, but you can buy Femestril for as low as $24 per box when you order a 9-month “Diamond” package, which includes 3 free bonuses.

Femestril Product Information

Femestril is widely considered to be one of the highest quality female libido boosters currently available. This product contains over 1100 mg. of herbal ingredients used for centuries in Chinese medicine due to their dynamic effect on female sexual function.

Most women experience very good results with Femestril within just a few weeks, and Femestril does provide some additional health benefits as well. Some of the ingredients in Femestril are also used for their effectiveness at improving mood, increasing energy and aiding in digestive health.

Femestril offers an excellent money back guarantee and very good discounts on larger size orders. Femestril is made in and shipped from the USA, but ships worldwide.

An excellent company with a very good reputation and many customers praise the service they have received from the customer service agents at Femestril.com.

Femestril Ingredients

Femestril contains a number of potent ingredients including Damiana, Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai Root, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Fennel seed, L-Tyrosine, Wild yam root, Black Cohosh, Oat grass, Blessed Thistle herb, Hops flower, Pacific Kelp, and Mother’s Wort herb.

Femestril Guarantee

Femestril has an excellent money back guarantee for a full 60 days from date of purchase (less shipping and handling). This guarantee is good on any size order – so you can enjoy the savings of the discounted package prices, and still be fully covered on your entire purchase price if you’re not happy with the product.

We are not aware of any instances of Femestril failing to honor their money back guarantee.

Positives of Femestril

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  • * Proven ingredients to boost female libido
  • * Product ingredients are listed on website
  • * Excellent reputation and customer service
  • * 60-day money-back guarantee
  • * Customer testimonials provided
  • * No reported side effects
  • * Secure order page
  • * In business for several years
  • * Discount pricing on larger orders
  • * Made in USA in FDA approved labs
  • * Ships worldwide
  • * Formula is 100% natural

Negatives of Femestril

  • * Femestril may not work for a small percentage of women (4%-5%)
  • * Only sold online

Femestril – Conclusion

As you can see from the information above, when it comes to treating low female libido, Femestril has many positives and not many drawbacks. While not many female libido products get such a high consumer review, with a success rate of about 96%, we can see why so many women are choosing this product.

We love the fact that with a 60-day guarantee you can try Femestril risk free – without a prescription – for a full 2 months, and if you don’t experience the results you wanted – you get your full purchase price back (less shipping and handling). Femestril is a very good choice whether you have a serious libido problem – or just want to increase your sex drive and sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

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