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Natural Alternatives to Addyi

Natural Female Sex Enhancers

Are there alternatives to Addyi? Many critics have questioned whether a drug with as many side effects and marginal effectiveness is truly a good choice for women suffering from low female sex drive or HSDD.

Side effects range from fatigue, nausea, dizziness, to fainting and dangerously low blood pressure. Women must abstain from drinking while using Addyi. Ironically, several natural alternatives to Addyi already exist – which have been proven to be extremely effective – and which have shown to be very safe. Of course, most of these herbal female sex enhancers are not made by huge pharmaceutical companies with endless advertising budgets and well-funded PR departments.

The good news is that HSDD does not mean the end of your sexual desire or libido. There are a variety of products available which have proven very effective in restoring female sex drive, improving libido, and increasing sexual satisfaction and pleasure. We hope the information on this site will prove helpful to women hoping to regain their sexual vitality and improve their intimate relationships.

Millions of women have already found an effective solution to their HSDD and female sex drives using natural female libido products such as Femestril, Provestra, Vigorelle, HerSolution – and others. These products are 100% natural and offer a safe and gentle way to restore female libido and boost sexual satisfaction.

Herbal Libido Products for Women

Herbal female libido products have been around for several years and are growing more popular as women discover just how effective they can be. Many of the top products have gained in popularity due to programs such as ‘The Doctors’ and ‘Dr. Oz’ featuring programs showing just how effective these natural sex enhancers can be.

Herbal libido products work by providing a multitude of vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which are essential to sexual health – as well as working to help restore and maintain proper levels of various hormones within the female body.

Several clinical studies have shown many herbs to be beneficial for sexual and reproductive health – as well as providing ‘bonus’ benefits to cardiovascular and digestive health as well. This explains whey natural female sex enhancers have been growing in popularity every year for the past decade.

Popular Female Sex Enhancers

While hundreds of female sex enhancers exist on the market today, we have included a short list of the best-selling and most effective natural female products currently available. Although this list is not comprehensive, these are products which we consider to be the “best of the best” for boosting female libido.

Femestril – The product claims to “Put the SEX back in your sex life” – and feedback from women indicates that the product does just that. The ingredients consist of 13 different herbal botanicals selected for their positive effect on increasing female sex drive, elevating mood, and reducing stress.

Femestril is manufactured by a company called Pro Edge Labs which manufactures and distributes natural supplements aimed at improving sexual health for both women and men. Femestril has been around for several years and consistently ranks among the best female herbal libido products.

Provestra – Provestra has been a mainstay in the sexual health market for a number of years and was one of the first products available on the market, coming on stream around 2001. Still a best seller today, Provestra includes an incredible formula made up of 21 different ingredients.

With proven ingredients like L-Arginine, Ginseng, Damiana, and Folic Acid (plus 17 others) – it’s not surprising that most women experience fantastic results while using Provestra capsules. Safe and effective – Provestra definitely should be considered by any woman looking to safely boost their sexual response, and this product has a loyal fan base which includes millions of women from around the globe.

Vigorelle – Unlike the above mentioned products which come in the form of a capsule, Vigorelle is a female enhancement cream, which aims to increase sexual pleasure and enjoyment, while also working as a lubricant to address vaginal dryness – a major problem for many women during sex.

Manufactured by a company with a long history in the natural supplement industry called Leading Edge Health, Vigorelle offers a safe and simple way to improve both sexual response and pleasure. Vigorelle offers a natural and gentle way to boost your sexual enjoyment and achieve orgasm faster and more often. An excellent way to boost female sex drive for women who can’t (or don’t like to) take pills.

HerSolution – HerSolution shot to fame after being featured on the hit ABC daytime show ‘The Doctors’ – after the panel of physicians demonstrated how effective HerSolution was as a product to improve female sexual libido and boost sexual satisfaction.

The show confirmed that one of the main ingredients in HerSolution – namely L-Arginine – is effective in dilating the blood vessels around the clitoris and increases the desire for sex. All the women in the audience received a free supply of HerSolution – and the product received a huge boost in sales after the free publicity and confirmation from a panel of physicians that HerSolution was “the real deal” and offered positive results for women.

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Treatments for HSDD and Low Female Libido

As you can see, several possible treatments for low female sex drive exist for women today. The addition of Addyi as the first prescription treatment for HSDD gives women even more choices than ever before.

While providing some women with positive results, Addyi will still not be an option for most women due to the potential side effects and the screening restrictions imposed by the FDA. For these women, many natural options still exist for restoring their libido, and by providing information on alternatives, we hope to give women the knowledge to choose the product that’s best suited for them.

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