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Where Can I Buy Addyi?

Where Can I Purchase Addyi?

Before women start contemplating buying Addyi, there are many things they need to consider. One of the major considerations is that Addyi can have serious and dangerous complications when combined with alcohol, so you must abstain from drinking for the entire time while taking Addyi.

That interaction between the drug and alcohol was a major concern at the FDA, as regulators balanced the risks posed by a drug that they knew had only a modest impact on improving the number of sexually satisfying events in the average month of women who suffered from a chronic absence of such experiences. Looking at the broad data available for the review, the overall improvement in satisfaction scores hovered around 10% compared to placebo, noted Dr. Hylton Joffe, director of the Division of Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Products at the FDA, in a memo dated August 18.

As Bloomberg first reported, the memo covers an internal discussion at the FDA over the controversial drug, including a hesitation on one reviewer’s part to approve a female sexual dysfunction drug with a known interaction risk with alcohol, when most of the subjects recruited for the safety trial were men.

Aside from the interactions with alcohol – several other screening restrictions have been imposed by the FDA, and a woman can only be prescribed Addyi after passing a screening test from their doctor, and Addyi can only be dispensed by a pharmacy which has been certified by Sprout Pharmaceuticals – the maker of Addyi.

How do I Get Addyi?

Any woman consulting their doctor to be prescribed Addyi must first be screened by their physician using the Addyi Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program. Addyi is available only through a restricted program called the Addyi REMS Program, because of the increased risk of severe hypotension and syncope due to an interaction between Addyi and alcohol.

The Addyi REMS requires that prescribers are certified by enrolling and completing training; and, pharmacies are certified and will not dispense Addyi unless it is prescribed by a certified prescriber. More information is available at

Addyi – See your Doctor.

Addyi can be of benefit for some women suffering from HSDD and those with low female sex drive or female libido problems. However, this drug also comes with a long list of possible side effects – some of which could be quite serious – and even life threatening.

Only you and your physician can determine if the benefits of Addyi outweigh the possible risks. Sprout Pharmaceuticals reports that Addyi will start to be available on October 17, 2015 – however they have agreed not to advertise Addyi on television or radio for 18 months – so you may not hear to much about the drug during that time.

If you suffer from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and feel that Addyi may be of positive benefit to you – consult your doctor. That is the first step to determine if Addyi might be for you. It is imperative that you only take Addyi under the direct supervision of a doctor – your life could depend on it!